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An Anatomy of the Global Trade Slowdown based on the WIOD 2016 Release - 09 Nov 2016

wiiw and the GGDC updated the World Input-Output Database to analyse the slowdown in the global trade-to-GDP ratio based on a novel measure of international production fragmentation. read more

BREXIT: Austria's position in forthcoming negotiations - 27 Oct 2016

Charles Wyplosz asked leading economists from the EU27 about their countries’ prospective negotiating positions vis à vis Brexit. Michael Landesmann and Robert Stehrer to shed light on Austria’s stance. read more

Trade: A Matter of Standards - 18 Oct 2016

Non-tariff measures are the hot topics in trade negotiations such as CETA and TTIP. The FIW Workshop on Friday, 21 October sheds light on why they matter so much today. read more

Why Europe needs more public investment - 18 Oct 2016

wiiw Economist Philipp Heimberger assesses Europe’s fiscal policies and calls for a coordinated push for public investments, in which the surplus countries should lead the way read more

The space for an industrial policy in Europe - 29 Sep 2016

Last week, Mario Pianta from University of Urbino presented a wide ranging proposal for a new European-level industrial policy at wiiw. Here is a video interview. read more

EU strategies in the face of BREXIT - 22 Sep 2016

On Sept 19, wiiw Scientific Director Robert Stehrer presented his Business Briefing 'EU strategies in the face of BREXIT' at a roundtable in Vienna. read more

CETA – Boom für die KMUs? - 20 Sep 2016

In the debate on free trade agreements the question of who will benefit frequently arises. This is also the case for CETA. A commentary by Roman Stöllinger (in German) read more

Unexpected results, but probably same coalition - 19 Sep 2016

Early parliamentary elections were held on 11 September in Croatia. Hermine Vidovic discusses the likely outcome of coalition calls. read more

Yes means no: Referendum in the Serbian Republic is not about secession - 14 Sep 2016

The Serbian Republic intends to hold a referendum on whether the 9th of January will become the Day of the Republic. Vladimir Gligorov explains what is behind. read more

CETA and TTIP: same-same but different? - 06 Sep 2016

wiiw Scientific Director Robert Stehrer and economist Roman Stöllinger outline important similarities & differences between two trade deals currently hotly debated. read more