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New Russian sanctions against Ukraine make little sense - 06 Nov 2018

The latest Russian sanctions are unlikely to have much of an impact and may be even politically counter-productive ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine. read more

Italy and the euro - 29 Oct 2018

The country has a growth problem, but the single currency is not the cause, and going back to the lira is certainly not the solution. read more

Fixing the crumbling framework of international trade - 25 Oct 2018

The weaknesses of the WTO have been exposed by the ‘Trump tariffs’ and counter-reactions by the EU, China, and Canada. An overhaul of the system is long overdue. read more

Things do not change: elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 15 Oct 2018

The result surprised nobody. Positive political change will come in Bosnia, but that could take a while. read more

Macedonian referendum results: back to square one - 03 Oct 2018

The majority of voters approved the question posed in the referendum, though the boycott made the referendum itself unsuccessful. The likely consequence is early elections. read more

What’s in a name? The case of Macedonia - 28 Sep 2018

Ahead of the upcoming referendum on September 30th, what is at stake and what are the prospects for a positive outcome? read more

Kosovo’s problem with foreign direct investment - 24 Sep 2018

Higher and better quality inflow would create jobs and enhance growth, but many challenges remain. The government needs a new policy mix to make it work. read more

Hungarian government found guilty - 13 Sep 2018

The country is highly unlikely to lose its voting rights, but the economy may suffer in the long run from Mr Orbán’s stance. read more

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: opportunity or threat? - 05 Sep 2018

Launched five years ago, the initiative is still under heavy scrutiny over what it may bring to the EU, the EAEU and the countries in between. read more

Iran: Economic troubles create political risks - 04 Sep 2018

As in the past, US sanctions risk producing a more hard-line government, but the Iranian administration should pursue a more moderate course. read more