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Romania’s EU Presidency: Give the government a chance! - 09 Jan 2019

Romania can succeed with the rotating Presidency of the EU in January-June 2019, provided the country’s government is allowed to concentrate on doing its job. read more

"Very few countries in Europe can afford to 'think European'" - 08 Jan 2019

Professor Loukas Tsoukalis shares his views on European integration and governance challenges in a video interview with wiiw’s Michael Landesmann. read more

Iran: New sanctions starting to bite - 18 Dec 2018

The difficulties faced by Iran under new US sanctions should not be underestimated. However, the government should not respond with a hard-line approach. read more

Protest against 'Slave Law' in Hungary - 18 Dec 2018

A new labour law increases permitted overtime from 250 to 400 hours per year. The amendment is opposed by 83% of the population and has triggered protests across Hungary. read more

wiiw Handbook of Statistics 2018 - 18 Dec 2018

The new edition of the wiiw Handbook of Statisitics 2018 offers a wide range of updated statistics for data-based insights on 22 CESEE economies. read more

Reality Check for European Integration - 14 Dec 2018

Economists and political scientists at an event in Vienna jointly organised by wiiw expressed serious concern about the future of the EU project. read more

Brexit: the saga continues - 12 Dec 2018

Irrespective of who is the Prime Minister, the choices facing the UK remain the same. A general election or second referendum have become more likely. read more

The Kerch Straits clash: Another spiral in the Russia-Ukraine conflict - 03 Dec 2018

The military clash in the Kerch Straits on 25 November will have a greater negative economic impact on Ukraine – despite the likely imposition of new US sanctions on Russia. read more

The growing internationalisation of Austrian exports - 23 Nov 2018

Trade, investment and migration links with CESEE are still extensive, but the real story of the last decade has been Austria’s increased integration with non-EU economies. read more

A bad end to a tumultuous year for Serbia-Kosovo relations - 22 Nov 2018

Pristina’s decision to put 100% tariffs on imports from Serbia and Bosnia will be economically disruptive, and marks a step back for normalisation of relations in the region. read more