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Western sanctions on Russia: Painful, but will not change policies - 18 Apr 2018

The most important fallout will be a further intensification of the political conflict between the West and Russia. read more

Exit, Noise and Disloyalty - 17 Apr 2018

Ivan Krastev reflected on challenges to liberal democracy in Central Europe, putting them in the context of a global crisis of democracy. Watch his keynote at the wiiw Spring Seminar. read more

CEE’s role in the global economy - 16 Apr 2018

At the wiiw Spring Seminar, Jan Svejnar explored key questions for the region’s economic future in the European and global context. Watch his full presentation here. read more

CESEE outlook: strong growth amid rising risks - 13 Apr 2018

At our annual Spring Seminar, wiiw economists presented the outlook for the region, including a focus on Western Balkan EU accession, Chinese influence, and the “semi-periphery trap”. read more

Fiscal austerity generally pushes income inequality upwards - 10 Apr 2018

Fiscal consolidation episodes generally lead to an increase in income inequality. The size, composition and timing of the fiscal adjustment matter. read more

Hungarian election: United opposition poses serious challenge to Fidesz - 06 Apr 2018

The peculiarities of the electoral system give the opposition a chance, but whoever wins will have to contend with significant medium-term economic challenges. read more

FDI in Eurasia: too little and from the wrong places? - 05 Apr 2018

The post-Soviet space has not been very attractive for foreign investors, owing largely to a poor investment climate and frozen conflicts. read more

Serbia and Kosovo: Legitimacy deficits are barrier to Brussels Agreement progress - 29 Mar 2018

The arrest of Marko Djuric and potential for a serious escalation will likely force an even stronger role for the EU as a mediator. read more

Kosovo’s new power plant provokes environmental and cost concerns - 23 Mar 2018

The plant will cut the energy deficit and boost the economy, but many aspects of the project have been criticised. A clean, sustainable energy future for Kosovo lies elsewhere. read more

EU cohesion policy has mixed results for firms’ productivity - 22 Mar 2018

In some areas the impact appears to be negative, although this may change over time. read more