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2017 Western Balkans Summit in Trieste: the quest for a common market - 12 Jul 2017

A regional common market would not be game changer for the Western Balkans. Focusing on higher public investment and extending collective bargaining in industry would be much more beneficial. read more

Bulgaria in the EU: expectations and outcomes - 11 Jul 2017

The realistic prospect of EU membership provided a powerful impetus to the economic and political transformation of the country. A commentary by Rumen Dobrinsky. read more

Slovenia and Croatia at Sea - 05 Jul 2017

The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague has ruled on the dispute between Slovenia and Croatia over their border. A commentary by Vladimir Gligorov. read more

Wirtschaftliche Konvergenz trotz politischer Unsicherheit - 03 Jul 2017

In einem kurzen Videointerview stellt Julia Grübler die neue wiiw Prognose für 22 Länder Mittel-, Ost- und Südosteuropas vor. read more

Economic convergence despite political uncertainty - 29 Jun 2017

Today, we presented our most recent growth projections for countries in Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE) and their economic ties with Austria. Watch or read our summary. read more

wiiw Opinion Corner: Likely reasons and consequences of Hassan Rouhani’s victory in the Iranian presidential elections - 26 Jun 2017

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, aiming for moderate reforms and better relations to the international community, won his second term in office, far ahead of his hardliner rival Ebrahim Raisi. read more

Challenges of DCFTAs: How can Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine succeed? - 23 Jun 2017

The imbalance between the costs and benefits of DCFTAs is a call to the EU to display greater pragmatism. A new wiiw policy brief discusses the challenges and possible solutions. read more

Five things for EU-CEE to watch in Brexit negotiations - 21 Jun 2017

Post-Brexit controls on migration could be less stringent than expected, but the EU budget will probably shrink and the shift to a new trade relationship may be disruptive. read more

Difficult negotiations ahead in Kosovo - 19 Jun 2017

The election result was inconclusive, and there is no obvious coalition. It may take some time to form a government, but the economy is unlikely to be materially affected. read more

Challenges to a Customs Union and Common Market in the Western Balkans - 15 Jun 2017

Further trade integration would be beneficial for the region, but faces several potential obstacles. A commentary by Vladimir Gligorov. read more