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How do non-tariff measures matter for Austrian trade? - 21 Sep 2017

The rise of protectionism and non-tariff measures accelerated by the US should not only bother China or Mexico. Austria will also have to deal with its effects. read more

Expanding the euro area – still a long way to go - 19 Sep 2017

Though pushed by the EU Commission president, a next round of enlargement of the euro area needs to be prepared carefully. A commentary by Robert Stehrer. read more

New wiiw study on Macedonian exports - 18 Sep 2017

Vladimir Gligorov presented new wiiw study on Macedonian exports at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. It was very well received. Also by the Prime and Vice Prime Ministers. read more

The Economics of European Crises and Emerging Markets - 12 Sep 2017

New book edited by Peter Havlik, wiiw and Ichiro Iwasaki, Hitotsubashi University, Japan explores the multiple effects of the global crisis on Eastern European emerging markets. read more

Increasing importance of CESEE in Austrian tourism - 30 Aug 2017

A record number of overnight stays points towards a successful season for the Austrian tourism sector. The fastest growth in tourism numbers was recorded from Central, East and Southeast Europe. read more

Can Brexit be stopped? - 29 Aug 2017

The costs of leaving the EU are slowly becoming apparent in the UK. A second referendum is no longer unthinkable, but still looks quite unlikely. By Richard Grieveson. read more

EU focus on trade deals shifts East - 17 Aug 2017

The protectionist attitude of the Trump administration is diverting the EU’s attention towards China’s investment initiative and a comprehensive trade deal with Japan. A commentary by Julia Grübler. read more

Q2 GDP data show that EU-CEE is still growing at a healthy rate - 16 Aug 2017

Supportive domestic and external factors will continue to drive growth, but momentum could slow a bit in the second half of the year. By Richard Grieveson. read more

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it - 03 Aug 2017

Czechs do not intend to give up their own currency anytime soon. A commentary by Leon Podkaminer. read more

Ex-Transition Economies’ FDI Recovery - 26 Jul 2017

FDI recovers in former transition economies despite less favourable political environment. A commentary by Gabor Hunya. read more