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UK running risk of chaotic Brexit - 10 May 2017

A 'hard' Brexit would be bad enough, but the UK government’s failure to appreciate the complexities of the process makes the situation much worse. A commentary by Richard Grieveson. read more

wiiw Opinion Corner: Kosovo’s arbitration ‘games’ - 08 May 2017

What is the reason for the numerous business disputes between the government of Kosovo and foreign enterprises? Pëllumb Çollaku, guest researcher at wiiw, tries to give an answer. read more

How to Reform the Monetary Union - 04 May 2017

Andrew Watt proposes policy and institutional reforms to achieve balanced growth and convergence in the Euro Area. Watch a video interview conducted by Michael Landesmann. read more

Nationalism and democracy in the Balkans - 02 May 2017

Many factors point to a rising risk of nationalism and authoritarianism in the Balkans. However, the reality is somewhat different. A commentary by Vladimir Gligorov. read more

Escaping the Escape - 02 May 2017

On April 18th, experts from four refugee-origin countries and the Bertelsmann Stiftung discussed national and EU policies necessary to tackle outward migration of workers and refugees. read more

wiiw Economist wins the Consensus Economics 2016 Forecast Accuracy Award - 27 Apr 2017

Leon Podkaminer’s monthly forecast of GDP growth and consumer prices in Poland turned out to be the most accurate ones among leading forecasters for Central and Eastern Europe. read more

Theresa May calls snap UK parliamentary election - 19 Apr 2017

The Conservatives will significantly increase their parliamentary majority. This could mean a slightly “softer” Brexit, but will not be a game changer. A commentary by Richard Grieveson. read more

Turkish economy will remain under pressure after referendum - 18 Apr 2017

Political risk will remain high, economic growth rates will be subdued by recent standards, and foreign investors are likely to be wary until greater signs of stability emerge. A commentary by Richard Grieveson. read more

wiiw proudly presents the best science slammer in town! - 18 Apr 2017

By illustrating the possible trade effects of non-tariff measures with the examples of the ‘chlorinated chicken’ and energy certificates for vacuum cleaners, Julia Grübler revealed her comedy talent and won the vote. read more

Looking at Europe’s future from within - 12 Apr 2017

Guntram Wolff (Bruegel) presented five priority areas for the European Union during his keynote speech at the wiiw Spring Seminar. Watch his full presentation here. read more