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Eastern European growth weaker, but resilient - 30 Jan 2023

Most countries avoid recession; recovery in Ukraine weaker than expected; oil sanctions against Russia are working; inflation has passed its peak read more

The Berlin Process for the Western Balkans: Four Recommendations to Achieve Progress - 18 Jan 2023

Intended to promote cooperation between the Western Balkans and to advance the region, little has been achieved since 2014. Branimir Jovanović and Mario Holzner on what should be done read more

How compatible is economic convergence in the EU with its climate goals? - 20 Dec 2022

The catching-up process in many regions is partly at odds with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to similar levels in all parts of the EU read more

Michael Landesmann wins Kurt Rothschild Prize 2022 - 15 Dec 2022

wiiw economist and former Scientific Director Michael Landesmann has been awarded the Kurt Rothschild Prize 2022 in recognition of his exceptional academic achievements read more

wiiw and Bertelsmann Stiftung presented study on a new EU strategy for the Western Balkans in Brussels - 12 Dec 2022

What the EU can learn from the accession of the new member states in Eastern Europe since 2004 read more

Assessing the European Commission’s proposal for reforming the EU’s fiscal rules - 06 Dec 2022

Statement by Philipp Heimberger at a hearing in the European Parliament read more

Foreign direct investment strengthens Central and Eastern Europe's economies - 30 Nov 2022

FDI has stimulated economic growth in CESEE over the past 30 years, helping convergence with Western Europe. German and Austrian FDI have had a particularly positive impact read more

Labour markets in Eastern Europe recovered in 2021 - 21 Nov 2022

An analysis of labour market performance reveals a rebound in the majority of CESEE countries in 2021 read more

Joint Anniversary Conference with the CEU in Vienna: Integration, Inequality and Insecurity in Europe and the World - 09 Nov 2022

wiiw and CEU discussed Ukraine war, energy crisis and pandemic with speakers from around the world read more

Ukraine's reconstruction plan needs improvement - 08 Nov 2022

Though institutional upgrading and strong EU integration commitments are positive, the National Recovery Plan also has some weaknesses that should be addressed read more