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Thirty Years On: Is There Still a Post-Soviet Space? - 15 Nov 2021

Video recording of public panel discussion on the prospects for future relations between the EU and its neighbours to the East read more

Turkey: Economic challenges mounting - 11 Nov 2021

Although the economy has come through the pandemic relatively well so far, the risks are mounting, owing to erratic policy choices, high inflation and the tumbling lira read more

FIW Expects Strong Austrian Exports Growth in 2021 (+8.6 percent) and 2022 (+8.9 percent) - 11 Nov 2021

Updated forecasts on the development of worldwide and Austrian international trade now available read more

North Macedonia on a road to nowhere after the prime minister resigns - 04 Nov 2021

After the immediate fog clears, it will become evident that the country has taken several steps back read more

The Corona crisis: A setback for the labour market integration of refugees? - 04 Nov 2021

Women, higher educated and young people most affected; crisis opened up opportunities for low-skilled in atypical employment read more

The uneven effect of the pandemic on CESEE labour markets - 22 Oct 2021

An analysis of the labour market response to the pandemic reveals employment shifts between economic sectors. read more

Recovery beating expectations - 20 Oct 2021

New Autumn Forecast: Eastern Europe to grow by 5.4% this year. read more

Bulgaria goes to the polls for the third time in 2021 - 23 Sep 2021

Efforts to form a new government in Bulgaria failed. Whether a snap election in November will resolve the political stalemate remains unclear. read more

Escape from Afghanistan: The EU needs a new strategy - 14 Sep 2021

Europe must learn the lessons of the 2015 refugee crisis. Aid on the ground, a crisis response capacity and migration partnerships should form a new policy. read more

Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi takes over a ruined country - 31 Aug 2021

The Iranian economy has been crippled by U.S. sanctions and decades-long mismanagement under five presidents since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. read more