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L. Alan Winters on regionalism and the WTO - 30 Sep 2015

In a video interview Prof. L Alan Winters shares his concerns about currently negotiated 'mega-regional' trade agreements (TTIP and TPP) which go counter to a non-discriminatory multilateral trade system and exclude China read more

wiiw Opinion Corner: EU migration crisis - What can and should be done? - 28 Sep 2015

wiiw migration expert Isilda Mara looks into official migration statistics and puts the current migration flows in relation to past crises. Last but not least, she makes the case for an EU quota regime. read more

The Political Economy of Trade Policy - 25 Sep 2015

A highly qualified debate on the key mechanisms shaping trade policies took place at the recent FIW/CER Workshop. A workshop note by Julia Grübler. read more

Ukraine: current economic situation and outlook - 09 Sep 2015

An economic snapshot by wiiw economist Vasily Astrov read more

Email your MEP to act about Hungary - 09 Sep 2015

In these critical days local NGOs prove humanity and courage by providing immediate support to refugees in Hungary. wiiw forwards their call for help. read more

How to attract FDI to Ukraine after stabilisation? - 17 Aug 2015

wiiw Research Economist Gabor Hunya assesses the current and potential role of FDI and puts forward a coherent policy mix for Ukraine to attract more and better FDI. read more

Zsolt Darvas on the European fiscal framework - 12 Aug 2015

Can the European fiscal framework ensure debt sustainability & adequate fiscal stabilisation? Zsolt Darvas discussed this question this April at wiiw. Here is a video. read more

Juncker’s Investment Plan: doubts and open questions - 10 Aug 2015

Why draw up a new investment plan, if massive reserves are apparently tucked away in the traditional EU budget? A commentary by wiiw Economist Sandor Richter. read more

Labour markets and skill demand in 2025 - 31 Jul 2015

Despite a desperate demand for high-skilled workers in the EU-28, the potential of foreign students remains widely untapped and underutilised. A commentary by wiiw Economist Isilda Mara read more

Geo-economics and geopolitics: the notion of dependence - 29 Jul 2015

Vladimir Gligorov illustrates the difference between economic and political geography, between geo-economics and geopolitics on the examples of the Turkish and now defunct South Stream. read more