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Macedonian Gradualism: Change with Stability - 14 Dec 2016

The parliamentary elections in Macedonia resulted in an almost even split within the two major ethnic groups. Why this is encouraging - a commentary by Vladimir Gligorov. read more

Warum die Eurozone hinter den USA und GB hinterherhinkt - 13 Dec 2016

wiiw economist Philipp Heimberger explains the essence of his new wiiw Research Report in a short video (in German). read more

Romania: Socialists return to government - 12 Dec 2016

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will most likely form the next government in Romania. Among the reasons for the victory is at least one economic. A commentary by Gabor Hunya read more

US elections: a warning for Europe? - 02 Dec 2016

Armon Rezai, wiiw Research Associate, comments on the economic implications of a Trump presidency and the potential effects for Europe (in German). read more

Just released: wiiw Handbook of Statistics 2016 - 30 Nov 2016

The twenty-second edition of the wiiw Handbook is an updated and expanded macroeconomic statistics collection for CESEE countries. read more

Inequality and Trust - 29 Nov 2016

Brexit, Trump and the rise of nationalist parties in Europe put the study of inequality high on the research agenda. Mariya Hake (OeNB) shows how it affects trust in institutions. read more

Trump and Power - 28 Nov 2016

Will America have more bargaining power in bilateral rather than multilateral trade deals? Most probably not. A commentary by Vladimir Gligorov read more

The Belarus Economy: The Challenges of Stalled Reforms - 24 Nov 2016

A new wiiw study analyses the unique transition experience of Belarus and calls for a new policy set up read more

Policies of Donald Trump: any lessons from other populist governments? - 16 Nov 2016

Two examples – to get some flavour of how events may unfold – are Poland and Hungary. Wisława Niemczyk & Sándor Richter have looked at the situation. read more

CETA is still alive... - 15 Nov 2016

Following the US election, TTIP is probably dead. However, this could make CETA more likely. On Thursday, Mario Larch will outline what CETA means for trade and investment. read more