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The EU’s peripheral role in China’s global vision - 14 Dec 2017

The Belt and Road Initiative creates global opportunities and challenges. Though hotly debated in the EU, geographically and economically, the core of the strategy lies in Asia. read more

Outward migration from EU-CEE is slowing - 13 Dec 2017

Workers will continue to move from EU-CEE to Western Europe, but Brexit and better prospects at home will keep the numbers lower than in the last decade. read more

Boom times in Turkey - 11 Dec 2017

The large current account deficit leaves the economy vulnerable to a hike in US rates or a change in investor sentiment. read more

Just released: wiiw Handbook of Statistics 2017 - 06 Dec 2017

The twenty-third edition of the wiiw Handbook has been released, with comprehensive, updated and expanded macroeconomic statistics for 22 CESEE countries. read more

There is no economic rationale for bad EU-Russia relations - 05 Dec 2017

Sticking to the current stalemate will be costly for both sides, with the opportunity costs accumulating over time. However, a breakthrough looks unlikely. read more

Five key considerations for the future of EU cohesion policy - 28 Nov 2017

Brexit and a less supportive attitude in wealthy member states could mean smaller transfers from the EU budget for EU-CEE post-2020. That may not be wholly a bad thing. read more

Building bridges, not walls, across the Eurasian economic space - 24 Nov 2017

Amat Adarov discussed challenges & prospects of Eurasian Economic Integration at the international forum 'Eurasian Economic Union' organised by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. read more

Brussels Eastern Partnership Summit: No thrills expected - 23 Nov 2017

In contrast to the milestone Vilnius meeting in 2013, the 5th Eastern Partnership (EaP) Summit in Brussels on 24 November will produce no big results. read more

A long-term matter - 22 Nov 2017

Most countries in CESEE will take decades to converge with average EU per capita income levels, but there is no obvious alternative to the current development model. By Leon Podkaminer read more

Who is swimming naked in CESEE? - 16 Nov 2017

A tidal wave of liquidity has tightened sovereign bond spreads across CESEE in the last decade. As global rates rise, differences in fundamentals will become clearer. read more