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Europe’s future from a US perspective - 11 Apr 2017

Adam Posen (Peterson Institute) outlined eight priorities for the European Union during a presentation at the wiiw Spring Seminar. Watch his full speech here. read more

Employment in the Western Balkans up by 6% since 2010 according to new regional database - 06 Apr 2017

The World Bank and wiiw launched the first-ever database to provide easily-accessible regional labour market data for the Western Balkans, together with a report on recent trends. read more

Experts argue a fundamental reappraisal of current EU course is needed - 05 Apr 2017

Adam Posen (Peterson Inst.) and Guntram Wolff (Bruegel) discussed prospects for the (post-Brexit) European Union from a US and a European perspective at this year’s Spring Seminar. read more

wiiw supports Central European University in its fight for independence - 03 Apr 2017

The Hungarian government proposed legislation that is directed against CEU because it stands for freedom of thought, liberal values, and internationalism. Now the CEU needs our solidarity. read more

The origins and evolution of the debate on wage-led and profit-led regimes - 29 Mar 2017

At the 2nd Kazimierz Łaski Lecture, Marc Lavoie provided a historic overview of the heterodox debate on what drives aggregate demand. A summary by wiiw Economist Vasily Astrov. read more

Brexit: Small economic impact, but huge political risks ahead - 29 Mar 2017

The economic impact of Brexit on EU Member States is likely to be modest. Much more concerning are the political challenges and risks. A note by Robert Stehrer & Richard Grieveson. read more

wiiw Opinion Corner: Is the falling wage share in most EU-CEE countries a symptom of the ‘race to the bottom’? - 28 Mar 2017

A commentary by wiiw Economist Leon Podkaminer. read more

Cautious upturn in CESEE: haunted by the spectre of uncertainty - 16 Mar 2017

At today’s press conference, Mario Holzner presented the new wiiw forecast for 22 countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe. Here is a video and summary. read more

Democracy in a multinational country - the Macedonian case - 14 Mar 2017

The Balkan media are dominated by stories about the imminent collapse of multi-ethnic Macedonia. But what is really going on in the country? A commentary by Vladimir Gligorov. read more

Silk Belts and Roads in the 21st century - 21 Feb 2017

The FIW policy brief by Julia Grübler and Robert Stehrer discusses the evolution of the ancient trading network across Eurasia and its potential for the Austrian economy. read more