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“The prospect of EU-membership was the single most important reform driver during the transition period” - 19 Dec 2019

Our ‘looking back, looking forward’ series, commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall, continues with Rumen Dobrinsky who shares his assessment on Bulgaria after 1989. read more

The future of migration from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria - 17 Dec 2019

Big wage differentials, existing migration networks and labour shortages in Austria will continue to encourage migration flows from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria. read more

UK general election: What next for Brexit and the EU? - 11 Dec 2019

The worst may be yet to come for the UK, while the EU-27's impressive unity on Brexit is unlikely to be replicated for other issues. A video interview with Michael Landesmann. read more

'Czechoslovakia was one of the most rigid and conservative countries in the former Eastern Bloc' - 10 Dec 2019

As part of the wiiw series 'looking back, looking forward' marking 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Peter Havlik talked to Veronika Janyrova about Czechoslovakia read more

Iran is facing the most brutal suppression in its recent history - 05 Dec 2019

The recent protests in Iran are an outcome of severe underlying economic and political pressure, which needs to be addressed by the international community. read more

How much space for fiscal expansion? Germany falls victim to 'output gap nonsense' - 04 Dec 2019

Miscalculations of Germany’s output gap may lead to an excessively pessimistic view about how much the German government could spend without violating the fiscal rules. read more

Just released: wiiw Handbook of Statistics 2019 - 03 Dec 2019

The new edition of the wiiw Handbook of Statistics 2019 offers a wide range of updated statistics for data-driven analysis of 23 CESEE economies. read more

Mental distress of refugees: a challenge for social and labour market integration - 02 Dec 2019

About 30% of recent refugees in Austria show significant mental health problems. They need psycho-social support and psychotherapy, which would also facilitate integration. read more

Recent refugee arrivals in Austria: Challenges to social and labour market integration - 26 Nov 2019

A major study by wiiw of recent arrivals from the Middle East highlights the importance of interaction with locals, language skills and mental health support. read more

Romania: New president and new government amid economic slowdown - 25 Nov 2019

The minority government must tackle the fiscal deficit, slower growth and corruption. Together with the re-elected president, it will initiate an early election. read more