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wiiw publishes new study on Western Balkan EU accession prospects - 17 May 2018

The 2025 target date is highly ambitious, but the greater focus on solving political issues in the region is a positive step. read more

The EU should stick with the Iran deal - 14 May 2018

The US withdrawal from the JCPOA is a mistake, and will only strengthen the hand of hardliners in Iran. The EU should try to stick with the deal. read more

Entering a multipolar world or the rise of a new hegemon - 09 May 2018

The EU and US should focus on maintaining the principles of the post-war structure of international political and economic governance. read more

Ukrainian workers in Poland: demand by far exceeds supply - 03 May 2018

Sharp income differentials and the strength of the Polish economy are likely to ensure that the current trend continues for some time. read more

Can economic sanctions against Russia succeed? - 02 May 2018

The latest economic sanctions introduced by the US will increase the severity of economic hardship in Russia, and could impact the popularity of the regime. read more

Five big questions for the future of the EU budget - 26 Apr 2018

It is highly likely that transfers received by EU-CEE countries from 2021 onwards will be lower than now, which will hit growth and public investment. read more

Improving Croatian employment opportunities is in everyone’s interest - 24 Apr 2018

High emigration rates are a threat to the sustainability of Croatia’s social system. Austria and other wealthy EU member states can and should help to encourage workers to stay. read more

Early election called in Turkey - 19 Apr 2018

Macroeconomic imbalances that have built up in recent years are now likely to be reined in more quickly, but risks will remain high in the run up to polling. read more

Western sanctions on Russia: Painful, but will not change policies - 18 Apr 2018

The most important fallout will be a further intensification of the political conflict between the West and Russia. read more

Exit, Noise and Disloyalty - 17 Apr 2018

Ivan Krastev reflected on challenges to liberal democracy in Central Europe, putting them in the context of a global crisis of democracy. Watch his keynote at the wiiw Spring Seminar. read more