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Spring Seminar 2023: Ukraine and the Future of Europe - 04 Oct 2023

As Kyiv continues its military and economic fight against Russia, the outcome of the war will be key to Europe’s future read more

Updated SEE Jobs Gateway Database - 25 Sep 2023

The South Eastern Europe Jobs Gateway Database and a detailed report on the labour markets in the Western Balkans is now available read more

Rail instead of lorries: The climate effect of a ‘European Silk Road’ - 20 Sep 2023

A high-speed rail link across the continent could drive the shift of freight traffic from road to rail and provide major CO2 savings read more

The structure and demography of Austrian companies engaged in foreign trade - 13 Sep 2023

Companies that export tend to be more productive and to pay higher wages than companies that are only active domestically. This also applies to small and medium-sized enterprises read more

Ukraine: Population loss endangers reconstruction - 13 Jul 2023

The country's population will decline by 20%, leading to a labour shortage that threatens economic recovery. A new forecasting model assumes four demographic scenarios read more

Study: EU-CEE countries need an industrial policy for a new growth model - 12 Jul 2023

EU members in Central Eastern Europe must build globally competitive companies; the state has a role to play in promoting industrial strengths; East Asia’s success stories as role models read more

Summer Forecast: Growth in Eastern Europe weakens - 05 Jul 2023

The recession in Germany and inflation are weighing on the economies of the region, especially in the Visegrád countries. Russia will grow due to an arms boom, Ukraine should recover somewhat read more

Wiiw wins 26 Focus Economics Analyst Forecast Awards for Eastern Europe - 04 Jul 2023

Twelve of our economists were honored by Focus Economics for their success in forecasting trends in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe such as GDP, inflation, interest rate and more read more

Study: Priorities and financing of Ukraine’s reconstruction - 21 Jun 2023

Ukraine should focus on social spending, housing, employment, health, infrastructure and the private sector. Higher grants from donors, debt relief and a reform of the tax system will be needed read more

Financial linkages of Eastern Europe with the EU and other global players - 20 Jun 2023

The EU remains the main source of capital for Eastern Europe. However, China’s influence in the region has been growing, especially in the Western Balkans and Turkey read more